TRC Pumping Units

Unmatched performance, sustainability, and warranty TRC Valves sets the Standard for gas lift solutions.

Established as a natural extension and complement to the TRC Services, Inc. leading portfolio in the Sucker Rod reclamation and remanufacturing space, TRC Pumping Units, Inc has been formed to deliver the same high value products and services focusing on surface Pumping Units.

Core Products

Pumping units and parts to keep your well producing.

Rebuilt Pumping Units

TRC Pumping Units has taken the concept of Rebuilt Pumping Units to the next level. Strict baseline inspection criteria and clearly defined standards, combined with best practices adopted from TRC’s existing industry leading remanufacturing process, allow us to  back up our Rebuilt Pumping Units with a best-in-class warranty.

New Pumping Units

TRC When rebuilt pumping units are not available TRC Pumping Units endeavors to source new units to fill the gap in supplying high quality equipment for your project. We work to keep larger new pumping units in stock for quick delivery.

Leveraging our extensive experience in the industry ranging from operations, sales, engineering and manufacturing, TRC Pumping Units is in the final stages of developing what will be the first significant improvement in conventional pumping unit technology in decades.

Incorporating a highly refined, engineered structure to minimize excess material while exceeding API design requirements and safety factors our pumping unit represents the cutting edge of beam pumping unit technology.  Designed specifically maximize operating efficiency and economy with a minimal carbon footprint this pumping unit will deliver measurable value to operators.

Pumping Unit Parts

TRC Pumping Units stocks spare parts for most commonly encountered pumping units, including exchange structural bearing assemblies, both OEM Spec and PTFE Maintenance-Free bearings. We also provide gears, bearings and seals, along with wear items such as brakes, brake cables, bridle assemblies and more. We are the ‘One Stop Shop’ for all Pumping Unit spare parts needs.

Core Services

TRC Beam Pumping expertise you can trust to investigate, analyze, repair, and more.

Pumping Unit Repair Services

Specially equipped and staffed Pumping Unit Repair Shops to support Operator’s repair and refurbishment requirements are an integral component of TRC Pumping Units. Drawing on an average of over 30 years experience specializing in pumping units, our staff are able to work on all brands and ages of pumping units. Full service gear reducer repair, including press work on all size gearing, is also offered, along with the ability to straighten walking beams and other damage structural to components.

Pumping Unit Failure Investigations and Analysis

TRC Pumping Units is not in the field service business nor are we directly affiliated with any new equipment manufacturer. This, coupled with the fact that we possess decades of proven experience investigating mechanical and operational Pumping Unit failures, means  we are uniquely qualified to provide objective investigation and analysis.

Surplus Pumping Unit Aquisition

TRC Pumping Units is continually looking to purchase surplus pumping units in any condition. We are able to offer top dollar for high demand units and accept trade-ins against the purchase price of our Rebuilt or Field Run pumping units. If you have Pumping Units for sale connect with us today.

Unparalleled Beam Pumping Expertise

Led by a core team of seasoned pumping unit industry veterans, we have developed a unique process to identify, inspect and rebuild selected pumping units to meet or exceed original manufacturers specifications.

Best Practices + Innovative Technology

Based on decades of experience ranging from hands on to managing extensive populations of beam pumping units in major and independent operators’ fleets, we have refined the definitive best practices coupled with leading edge technology to produce the highest quality product possible.

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If you need Pumping Units, we can get units to your wellsite.

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