TRC Fiberflex®

The Standard in Fiberglass Sucker Rods

TRC Fiberflex® Fiberglass Sucker Rods

At TRC, we understand that a pumping operation is only as good as its continuous production. Anything that gets in the way of extraction is costing you money. With that in mind, we would like to introduce you to our Fiberflex® Fiberglass Sucker Rods.

Fiberglass sucker rods offer operators unique benefits over steel sucker rods, allowing them to produce more fluids while lowering operating costs. Fiberglass sucker rods are stronger, lighter, and more elastic than steel sucker rods, reducing stresses on the rod string, while allowing for more fluid production and lower lifting costs. In addition, fiberglass sucker rods are corrosion resistant.

We believe Fiberflex® fiberglass sucker rods stand out above others in the marketplace, and are built to maximize efficiency in your downhole operations. Fiberflex® fiberglass sucker rods have the largest outside diameter (OD) in the industry, and contain the highest percentage of glass of any fiberglass sucker rod available. That translates to a stronger, more reliable rod.

Why Choose TRC Fiberflex® ?

All Components Made in the USA

All of our components are made and assembled in the USA—not imported from abroad.

Manufactured to API Specs

We are proud to say Fiberflex® Fiberglass Sucker Rods are manufactured to the American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications with a larger OD and higher percentage glass content than any other manufacturer.

Total Traceability on all Components

In the event of a failure, we can identify the date of assembly, trace the steel back to the original steel cert, and the date the rod body was manufactured for every fiberglass sucker rod.

Longest Warranty in the Industry

Fiberflex® Sucker Rods are backed by a 25 – month written warranty, the longest offered by any fiberglass sucker rod manufacturer.

Key Facts

Choose Fiberflex® Fiberglass Sucker Rods and you will not be disappointed:

  • Weighs approximately 70% less than steel rods

  • Increases production

  • Reduces operating costs

  • Resistant to corrosion

  • Enables the use of a smaller pumping unit

  • Only API monogrammed rod in the US market

Well Analysis

Maximizing Efficiency in your Downhole Operations

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Industry Leading Traceability

No one likes talking about failures, but in today’s tough operating environment, downhole problems such as stuck pumps, happen and failures sometimes occur. When there is a failure, it is important to be able to trace every component of the fiberglass sucker rod back to its date of manufacture to ensure that the component was manufactured to specification. In every fiberglass sucker rod manufacturer’s operation, rod bodies are typically produced on a different day than they are assembled, sometimes weeks apart. Other fiberglass sucker rod manufacturers track only the date of assembly, leaving a huge gap when it comes to traceability.

TRC Fiberflex® has total traceability in the event of a failure. For every fiberglass sucker rod we sell, we can identify the date of assembly, the date the steel was manufactured, and the date the rod body was manufactured. We do not stop there. We also trace the individual line on the individual machine that manufactured the rod body. All data is archived and can be retrieved for future use. This unique traceability gives us the ability to understand the impact of a failure beyond just a single customer’s operation, if necessary.

Recording and archiving the data collected off of every component of every fiberglass sucker rod that reaches your well site costs more money and takes more time than merely tracking the date your rod was assembled. We believe our unique traceability is a testament to the fact that TRC Fiberflex® is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that every component of our sucker rods is manufactured under the strictest Quality Assurance program in the industry.

TRC Fiberflex® Fiberglass Inspection

When you pull your fiberglass rod string out of the well, send them to TRC where we will do a complete inspection of your rods and store them until they are ready to be put back into service. TRC was granted a U.S. patent on our fiberglass inspection process.


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